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Just got back of my trip to NY.
I did not have WiFi in the hotel. Whenever I had I posted a picture every 10 minute. 
Lucky for you that I didn't. Every Starbucks I saw I took a few minutes to get updated and to update you. So here are some pictures I took with my Iphone as you can see I already posted some of them on my instagram. Maybe I share my Iphone pictures more often with you, for now I call it #myiphonepicturesofnewyork. Next time I will suprise you with another awesome hashtag name ;)

1. My new training oufit of Victoria's Secret
2 & 3. Lunch at Jack's wife Freda. They have the best fries ever!
4 & 5. Oh hey there S. @Grand Central Station
7. Just falling in love.
8. Cupcakes of Magnolia Bakery
9 & 10. Breakfast at the Butchers Daughter in Soho.
11 & 12. Hands in the air for the big city @Times square.
13. Just an awesome building
14. The ass of Cindy at the best Italian restaurant Cipriani.
15. Bye bye NY.
16. Capselfie
17. I need a dollar dollar..
18. Come fly with us!

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