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Sometimes you buy something because the saleswoman or man did their job just right! In my case there were three people who were very enthusiastic people when I tried these on. Like really, really enthusiastic, the way american people can be... I wasn't sure if I should buy them or not, but they told me I was the first one who had ever considered buying them. That was because these shoes were samples and they were the only store in NY who sold them. If all the samples of all the sizes were to be sold, they would start producing the product. Or something like that. So after trying them on, I bought them and walked around like the First Lady on this planet with those shoes. I don't know if I have to believe them, but I like to do so!

Coat, Episode | Pants, H&M | Knit, COS | Shoes, Steve Madden

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Marion | 24 hours of Fashion said...

Leuk verhaaltje :) Zo zou ik me ook voelen, gewoon geloven dus haha!
Je broek en jas zijn ook heel tof!

VH said...

Echt hè! Dankjewel :)

Lyn said...

Love your pants! And the close-up photo is gorgeous xx