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 OMGOMGOMG. That's what I was thinking the 14th of November. I set my alarm at 09.30 to wake up for the online collection of Isabel Marant pour H&M. But I woke up at 8 because I was dreaming of standing in front of the H&M. So I thought: I have to wake my roommate and ask if she would want to go with me. She wanted to sleep. Yes, sleep instead of Isabel, but okay, no judgement (maybe a little) hihi. So I waited for the online opening. And then, at 09.30, my alarm went off, saying "Isabel Marant". OKAY, enough, I went to the one of the two stores in Amsterdam and when I arrived they told me I needed a wrist band or can come back later. So I returned home for the online sale anyway. And together with my other roommate, we kept refreshing the website on our 2 macbooks. We got our shopping bag full of wonderful things and then... BAM! The website stopped working. So I went back to the store (for yet ANOTHER attempt at getting our clothes) while my roommate kept refreshing. It was chaos. People were acting like they were giving away clothes for free. So I performed the Ghost Act and walked in easily through all the people and tried to find the things I needed. I also wanted a vest, so I went into the men's section, where nobody else had gone, and bought this awesome vest, a shirt and a belt. Lucky me. With my Isabel Marant pour H&M bag, I drove back home and tried everything on. Everything fit. Even the size 36, which you can imagine made me the happiest person on earth!

Yesterday I shooted with some friends for jewelry brand Merque at the Drunense Duinen, more soon on my blog.

Vest, Isabel Marant pour H&M | Pants, Isabel Marant pour H&M | Knit, COS | Gilet, Zara | Jewelry, Merque | Shoes, Steve Madden

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Sabine Elize Voest said...

Mooie fotootjes meis!