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So here is something new for my blog...
My beauty secrets and essentials! People have asked me about what I use when I shoot my pictures and I have to say, much but nothing. What? Yes, with a few perfect secrets you can look like a natural beauty! But still wearing make-up.. ;) My favorite website for buying beauty products is World of Beauty, where you can find thousands of skincare, hair and make-up products.

And some lovely accessories, not only for you, but also for your boyfriend! Today I used some facial

cleaning from the brand Dermalogica to give my skin a natural glow. And I wash

my hair with Sebastian Penetraitt, both shampoo and conditioner. It smells like
I just got back from the hairdresser! For my make up I decided tot try a new
brand called KARDASHIAN BEAUTY, the one by the three Kardashian sisters. I tried the new
eyeliner trend and it totally worked! The pencil color Film Noir is so soft you
can easily make a smooth line. With some Intimate Spotlight eye shadow I gave
my eyes a natural glow and highlight the corners of my eyes with the Double Up
pencil. Finished up with some Eye Fidelity mascara (I never knew my lashes
could be this long!) and my eyes were ready. For my lips I used the In The Buff
lipstick, lip liner and gloss. Because it gives the natural color of the lips
an extra boost and it tastes great, hihi.

If you would like to show your legs this winter and don't want them to look as 2 bottles of milk, you have to try this miracle. I tried this with the thought of being a brown Zebra after I
would use this, but that did not happen! So try the Marc Ibane natural tanning
spray if you want to look like a smooth Victoria Secret Angel! 

So check out the World of Beauty website and facebook because they are running some awesome promotions! Last one was a trip to Paris and this month you can win a Christmas makeover for the whole family by Mari van de Ven! So make your dad a happy man and visit the website!

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